Six Pound Chair

A vignette of the new Super Light Chair designed by Frank Gehry for Emeco. Eames Demetrios believes that, along with art and film, design is a process of discovery. By examining Emeco and Frank Gehry’s Super Light Chair, Six Pound Chair reveals the inner workings of this process.

Una vignetta sulla sedia Super Light progettata da Frank Gehry per Emeco. Eames Demetrios crede che, insieme all’arte e ai film, il design è un processo di scoperta. Esaminando Emeco e la sedia Super light di Frank Gehry, il film svela il lavoro nascosto dietro a questo processo.

Film profile

Director: Eames Demetrios
Year: 2004
Duration: 5’ mins
Country: USA
Scheduled for Festival on Festival 2016

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