Litshe Le Golide

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Litshe Le Golide (Concrete from Gold) is an ethnographic short film that describes the story of Johannesburg: an African concrete metropolis born from a mining heritage. Large mine dumps like desert pyramids worship a rich history of segregation, exploitation, and the birth and palimpsest of Johannesburg. Litshe narrated through the words of a poem describing both a love and a hate relationship for a city of many contradictions and beauties.


Il cortometraggio etnografico narra la storia di Johannesburg: una metropoli africana di cemento nata dal patrimonio minerario. Attraverso le parole di una poesia descrive il rapporto di amore odio per una città di molte contraddizioni e bellezze.



Film profile

Director and Script: Guy Adam Ailon
Assistant Director: Andrew Bell
Director of photoggraphy: Craig Maarschalk
Year: 2010
Duration: 9’ mins
Country: AF
Scheduled for Festival on Festival 2016


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