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Milano design Film Festival Greece – Athens, 1st Edition
Milano Design Film Festival arrives in Greece, with the launch of the first edition in Athens by Founder and MDFF Partner, Annie Markitanis. The Event is set to take place at the Greek Film Archive (Ταινιοθήκη της Ελλάδος), on February/March 2020 (TBD).

MDFF Greece-Athens 2020 Theme
The first edition of the Milano Design Film Festival Greece-Athens is devoted to the theme of Light, intended not only in its literal and traditional sense but also as the universal and fundamental symbol of aesthetically and morally significant values and activities. Light as the realization and vision of our ultimate reality. Light as an understanding of our contemporaneity. Light is our origins — both a place and a space. Light is a world of shapes shaping the world itself. Light is a muse, a ritual, a point of view, a window in time, a personality, a reflection, an attitude, a disruption, and a myth. Light is playful, bold, and delicate. Light is healing. Light is beauty that calls for necessary darkness. It is a passion, expression, connection, cultivation, attention, balance, experience, memory, emotions, and energy. Light can be transformative and spiritual, traditional or innovative. It influences proportion and geometry. It channels calmness and inspiration. Light is the past, and it is the present. Light is a revival and a new beginning — Light is the Future. Within the frame of Milano Design Film Festival Greece – Athens, Light is viewed as an indisputable force. Light expands our reality by generating new cultural achievements through the infinite potential of the Seventh Art: Cinema. Light becomes a metaphor, and as such, it prompts us to merge our ‘universe’ and our identities into our urban surroundings, turning them into a seamless entity. Light becomes an allegory, telling us about the world around us while reflecting its constant transformations. Light becomes the symbol of the good intentions that we quietly release, and whose outcomes we encounter in the future. Light becomes a cultural backbone, a guide, urging us to reflect, to envision our world and our reality beyond what we consider possible or imaginable. Light, as an agent, assumes a vital role: that of conveying a message.

Italy and Greece, two countries that share a historical and cultural connection, and their representative cities, Milan and Athens respectively, join forces to confront the topic of their own existence and wellbeing. Just like changes in Light levels and duration mark the passing of seasons, the mutable nature of the city reveals social, natural, and cultural transformations. Cities mirror a society’s response to the particular circumstances that characterize its past and present. Such responses involve changing perspectives, choices, attitudes, approaches, and solutions relative to the city’s seasonal issues and collective needs.

In MDFF Athens, Light emerges as a marriage of Technology, Design, and Architecture. Light operates through various agents, such as Architecture, Design, Urbanism, Sustainability, Landscape Planning, and the Art of Thinking, which become carriers of the messages to be communicated. These critical tools act as educators, investigators, informants, creative forces. They shed Light, tell stories, and stimulate us. They are catalysts of change and progression, reflection and innovation, tradition, and experimentation. They create growth and a general cultural revival.
Annie Markitanis

Michael Anastassiades
Guest Curator MDFF Athens 2020

© Michael Anastassiades, Photography by Eirini Vourloumis

For the first time, the MDFF special curatorship “formula” until now bound to the Milanese Event, arrives in Greece, during the MDFF Athens 2020, with the presence of a prestigious name in the Design sector: The internationally known and awarded Cypriot-born, London-based designer Michael Anastassiades (read bio).
Michael Anastassiades will give his original contribution and interpretation to the edition’s specific theme of “Light” through a selection of film titles, to present to the Greek and International audience.

June 2019
MDFF Greece Athens 2020, Pre-launch Event at Depot6 by Archisearch

Do you have a film that we should screen at MDFF Athens?
For Film Suggestions and Film Submissions please contact Annie Markitanis at:
+39 339670 8369

Annie Markitanis
MDFF Partner for Greece-Cyprus, Founder MDFF Athens

At the age of 17, I left my Greek-Cypriot homeland to embark on an educational and self-growth journey that took me to California, London, and finally Milan, where I landed eight years ago. In Milan, I discovered the essence of daily balance and stability within a city that knows how to change and adapt while respecting its nature and identity. My educational background encompasses Fashion, Performing Arts, and Eating Disorders Coaching. My professional trajectory spans from Project Coordinator at creative production company Circus Studios, and Content Manager of digital agency Socialrise, to working as the Managing Editor of independent magazine unFLOP paper, and becoming a Certified Eating Disorder Coach, helping clients reach their treatment goals in real life situations, serving as both a role model and a guide. I have always admired strong women who own their path; upon meeting Antonella and Silvia, I immediately knew that I wanted to contribute to their dynamic vision. In 2018, I joined the Milano Design Film Festival realm as a contributor, and have been the MDFF Partner for Greece-Cyprus since January 2019. I see this new chapter of my MDFF journey as a challenge to keep reinventing myself, both on a personal and professional level, while actively participating in the Event’s mission to promote cultural innovation and social progression.

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