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A visual and soundscaped short ambience voyage through an utopian, ghost‐like city‐state. In this mid twentieth century imaginary Lisbon, the power plants continue to produce energy, brand new subway network locomotives’ engines hum in standby, city lights and neon signs come alive each night and radio receivers spread Salazar’s [Portuguese Dictator] speeches ‐ yet, nowhere is to be found the slightest human presence: there isn’t anyone to see and hear this newcomer modernity’s heartbeat. Only statues and facades inhabit the metropolis.

“CINZA” is a short film made entirely from photographs that depict Lisbon during the dictatorial regime installed in Portugal from 1926 until 1974. Their authors were Mário Novais, Horácio Novais and Casimiro dos Santos Vinagre, and the photographs now belong to the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Art Library Archive.


Film profile

Director, Image, Sound editing: Micael Espinha
Special effects, Image Treatment: Micael Espinha, David Gabriel
Year: 2014
Duration: 10’ mins
Country: Portugal
Scheduled for Festival on Festival 2016