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The geometry of the life of a neighborhood: Bela Vista. BELA (Beautiful). Pleasant, delightful, agreeable. Perfect for the end for which it’s destined. Wholly caters to our desires and pleasure. Chosen, distinct. Noble, generous. Proper. Ideal of beauty. VISTA (Sight). Act or result of seeing. All that can be seen from a given location. The appearance of that which is observed. Representation of a given place through painting, engraving, photography, etc. Presence. Way of seeing and positioning oneself in relation to a topic. Window, opening, that through which the exterior can be observed. Eye. Lives being lived, words, gestures, gazes cross our paths, amidst a chaos enframed by a rectangular grid of windows and balconies. Rows of buildings interconnected by corridors perched over courtyards. Each one’s property off their private slice of the view.


Film profile

Directors: Filipa Reis, João Miller Guerra
Editing: Filipe Jorge
Director of photography: Vasco Viana
Script: Filipa Reis, João Miller Guerra, Pedro Pinho
Year: 2012
Duration: 30’ mins
Country: Portugal